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About us

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Our team specializes in the IT, TELCO and Retail sectors. Our success is driven by our determination and knowledge. Being an intrinsically motivated crew allows us to find innovative solutions to everyday professional difficulties. Our overseas branches make our services easily accessible wherever your firm is based.

As a result, our team incorporates harmony and efforts to generate novel methods of conducting business agreements in a customized fashion. That is, we work towards ensuring whichever aspect you would like to alter or include to tailor-make the ideal program to efficiently and effectively conduct your business. With that said, even the most distinct issues can be solved.

Put simply, our specialized team of expert programmers, with years of experience, are highly qualified to prove your firm with the customized program you desire to assist in the growth and prosperity of your business.

Technically - no pun intended - Wicsware is a developer of technologically advanced Business Tools and Services, as well as the innovator of an Information System Integrator.

It was established in 1981 as a virtual organization integrating the world's best programmers to form a top notch company. First office established in 1997 in Dubai and our head office was founded in Russia during 2011.

Today, we have branches all across the globe with over 20 worldwide and powerful subcontractors and more than 30 specialists ready to assist you!

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