Our Products


Our range of products is what distinguishes us from other companies.Such products aim to facilitate all the needs of any business regardless of it's size. They are user friendly and customizable in order to suit the requirements of any company.

IT Services

Need help with managing your database? Our IT services provide flexible and relationship-based installations, configuarations as well as support for your servers, storage and data centers. Our deidcated team helps guarantee your stability in your current IT environment by supplying the expertise on particular technologies to guide you further to meet your goals.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation allows clients to work efficiently thus saving time and efforts. This is done by controlling multiple channels at once without causing any hassle. It's organized nature makes repetitive tasks easier.

Marketing Services

Evaluating your current marketing strategies helps us identify the opportunities for optimization. This is done by distinguishing your value preposition and studying your company's position between it's top competitors. As a result, developing a customized integrated marketing plan is vital for your company's growth between it's competitors. Our recommendations and guidance for the top prioritized marketing initiatives will surely guarantee the best results.


Wicsware is an innovative software developing organization that aims at enhancing the business nature of companies by creating a simple and significant interface to suit all the needs required by any sales/ marketing departments.

Cloud Services

In order to upgrade your business, information and data management as well as business insights are significant for your company's growth. Thus, our next generation cloud-based systems are the perfect recipe for success. It's user friendly interface and flexible license allocations keep it simple to manage and monitor. Moreover, it's elastic scaling and geographically dispersed clustering enables global deployment. Our platforms entitile your company to integrate and make the best use of your data flowing across and outside the enterprise.

Taking charge of your business has never been so easy

With Wicsware, entrepreneurs can ditch the orthodox methods of conducting business agreements by providing several unique features at an economic price.